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dailygroup came with a vision and mission to improve the FnB industry in Indonesia, make an Impact and Innovation through People, Passion and Perseverance, dailybox group provides a wide selection of foods & beverages to be enjoyed.

Vision : To be part of Developed Indonesia Mission :

  • • Disruption of FnB Industry through Technology and Collaboration,
  • • Making Impact and Innovation through People, Passion and Persistence,
  • • Become an Empowering and Sustainable Company for all Stakeholders.

    Core Values : Adaptive, Bold, Collaborative, Comfort, People.

dailygroup was established in 2018 with a dream to be able to deliver a fast and affordable vast varieties of dishes. Our range category products clustered to 3 categories : Food products, beverages products, also bakery and pastry.

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We Value Your Feedback

Hi DailyPeople,

At Dailybox Group, we believe that feedback or review improves our performance and business, no matter how small it is. Therefore, one of our top priorities is to train our employees to listen, handle and relay all feedback they rece

Dailytalk: Chef Dody Horison

What makes a great chef? Many qualities explain the difference between great chefs and the rest of the pack. Let’s hear what Chef Dody Horison, Head of Kitchen Operations, says about the key to being a great chef.

DailyPeople: How do you define cook

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