Food Safety Standards in Dailybox

Since day one, Dailybox has been committed to being non-negotiable in the kitchen’s food safety. Besides, the food must taste good, and it should be safe for consumption.

There are six steps of food safety standards in Dailybox kitchen:

  1. Receiving raw materials in Central Kitchen

When our team receives the raw materials, especially frozen raw products from the supplier, we have a series of checklists to ensure the quality of the raw materials. One of the checklists is to make sure we receive the goods at the right temperature. As for frozen raw products, -15 °C or below is the standard practice. Our kitchen staff then remove potentially hazardous foods from the temperature danger zone and store the suitable products as soon as possible to avoid bacterial growth.

  1. Cooling procedures

This part is equally important. We must understand that harmful microorganisms grow fastest between 21°C and 60 °C. Therefore, there are two stages of cooling procedures. The first stage is to cool cooked food from 60 °C to 21°C within 90 minutes.

The risk of bacteria growth declines as the temperature decreases. Therefore, the second cooling stage, from temperature 21°C to 5 °C takes about 4 hours.

  1. Packaging

After cooling, the food will be vacuum-sealed into individual portions and placed in the freezer before distributing to 120 Dailybox outlets all over Indonesia.

  1. Distribution

Food distribution is as important as production and processing. This chain involves several stages of storing, delivering, and handling that often expose food to varying temperatures. Since temperature is one of the most critical environmental factors affecting food quality, it is essential to know the temperature exposure of a food shipment during storage and distribution. From the central kitchen to the 120 outlets, cooked frozen foods must have a temperature of -15 °C. When the food hit the outlets, our outlet teams also perform quality control by checking the temperature and making sure it’s following the standard.

  1. Plating

Believe it or not, the way the food looks when you open up your rice box matters much more than one many things. Designing the perfect food-filled rice box has been an essential component here at Dailybox because we believe that the visual appeal of the food is as important as the overall dining experience. We even created many prototypes when researching a new recipe to ensure that the food will taste as good as it will look.

  1. Delivery

When it comes to delivery, we make sure the food reaches our customers in good condition and is safe to consume. Due to food safety standard regulations, it is best to consume cooked food within 2-4 hours to ensure food quality.

So, Dailypeople, now you know why we can be highly particular about how each rice box is prepared, served and delivered. Rest assured, we always put your (tastebuds) health and well-being as our top priorities.

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