Dailytalk: Chef Dody Horison

What makes a great chef? Many qualities explain the difference between great chefs and the rest of the pack. Let’s hear what Chef Dody Horison, Head of Kitchen Operations, says about the key to being a great chef.

DailyPeople: How do you define cooking?

Chef Dody: Cooking is more than just a passion or a job. For me, cooking is all about people. Food is so universal that it has the power to bring everyone together in a plethora of ways – cooking together, eating together – or like us at Dailybox, learning about food together every day. No matter what culture, religion, upbringing, food holds us together.

DailyPeople: You have been in the culinary industry for 15 years – you have worked for 5-star hotels in Jakarta and the United Arab Emirates. What are the must-have qualities to be a great chef?

Chef Dody: Well, I am still learning how to be a great chef. But what I have seen so far is that there is so much more to being a great chef than just discovering food. A great chef is a great cook, a balanced manager, values teamwork, and must be a great communicator. After all, cooking is about doing the same thing over and over again. You have to embrace it, enjoy it and strive for consistency. Finding joy in it, perhaps, is the real key to becoming a truly great cook.

DailyPeople: What’s your typical day look like as the Head of Kitchen Operations?

Chef Dody: My primary responsibility in Dailybox is to oversee the operations of the Dailybox central kitchen and 120 outlet kitchens. I work with a team, which consists of area chefs, to ensure that all outlets are well monitored and managed. The most integral part of my job is to regularly visit all Dailybox kitchens and maintain good communication with my team and staff.

DailyPeople: So, has working at Dailybox changed your perspective on working in the food industry?

Chef Dody: It has! The food industry in Indonesia has reshaped itself – thanks to the rise of online delivery services. Until one year ago, I focused on creating dishes suitable for the hotel banquette occasion – focusing on breakfast, lunch, and dinner. But now, the tide has turned! The team and I focus on serving delivery-friendly dishes. It is an entirely different ball game.

DailyPeople: What is your favorite Dailybox menu?

Chef Dody: It’s hard to pick just one dish. But if I had to choose, then I would pick Ayam Geprek Sambal Nagih. This dish is truly comforting and is the true definition of a home-cooked dish – savory, the chicken is crispy, tasty and the sambal is irresistible. Flavours galore in a mouthful!

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